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Cute in Pearls

♥ This is a rating community. There are many different kinds of people who sport the pearls these days. This should be a place to bring together all of you.
♥ As any rating community, you will be judged. If you are easily offended, watch out. If you apply, we will not lie to you. Don`t complain if you don`t get accepted. You can always try again. If you don`t get accepted the second time threw, your out!
♥ You must fill out an application form completely. If you do not apply after 48 hours of joining, you will be banned.
♥ The application must go under a lj-cut. You will get a warning. if it isn`t changed, the entry will be deleted and you can try once more.
♥ when applying, put the words "not so old fashioned" in either the subject line or the lj-cut text, so we know you read the rules.
♥ Do not post without being accepted first. You will be banned.
♥ Please wait for a MOD to stamp you before you post/promote/rate.

Accepted Members
♥ Continue to be active in the community posting pictures, surveys, anything.
♥ remember, all pictures must be under a lj-cut.
♥ vote vote vote on new members. In the subject line of the comment, make sure it says yes or no.
♥ Promote as much as you can. When you do promote, leave links to where.
♥ please don`t promote other communities here. there are many communities made for just that. if there are promotion entries, they will just be deleted.


♥ the current running theme, is ART. Post pictures of YOUR art, any kind, whether it be movement art, or the art of perfect vegitable slicing, post pictures.

Meet your MODs
We are all nice people, just very honest. If we don`t like you, we will say so. Don`t be scared of us though, we like to have fun. Our sarcasm may get a bit out of hand, but we mean well.

[lisa- xx__badkarma]

[haley- like____uhoh]

[brittany- peachiegirlbritt]


it seems about time
for us to rhyme
the community is dying
which leaves us crying.
ya'll need to be applying,
we sure aint lying.
so please promote,
so that we all can vote.
we need some new members,
to re-light the embers,
of this community,
its a great oppertunity!
so come on girls, all you who love pearls,
make a donation,
of your application!


the basics -
1) name:
2) where you live:
3) age:
4) how did you find us?:
5) taken or single?:

favorites -
1) candy:
2) drink:
3) 5 songs-why?:
4) singer/band-why?:
5) subject in school-why?:
7) 5 movies-why?:
8) 5 books-why?:
9) color:

least favorite-
1) candy
2) food
3) beverage
4) person
5) accessory
6) 2 movies
7) 2 books
8) 2 songs
9) 2 artists

1) list 10+ favorite bands/singer:
2) are you a virgin?:
3) if you have a significant other, please tell us about him/her-post picture if you have any.:
4) where do you like to shop?:
5) whats your favorite accessory?:
6) what are your school colors?:
7) how many concerts have you been to?
8) who have you seen in concert?
9) do you own any pearls, or pearled items?
10) why do you think your a pearl girl?
11) how many days a week do you wear pearls?
12) what made you want to post an app to this community?

1) what do you think about Simple plan?
2) What do you think about people who TYpE LykE DiS ?
3) Whats your opinions towards gay & lesbians?
4) what do you think of the MODs?
5) Do you like Bush or Kerry? Explain why & why not :
6) what do you think about abortions & womens rights?:
7) what do you think about the war?:
8) what do you think of mayonaise?
9) what do you think of cultural assimilation? Please excuse the spelling. If you dont know what that is, guess what it means & tell us an interesting story involving your deffinition of the word.

draw us a picture-photoshop, paint, paper & pencil

promote at least twice, and give us the links here!!!

please post at least 4 pictures of yourself including at least 1 showing your clothing.
Make sure your face is clearly visable!!!


please use these to promote as much as possible. we need new members so we can become a big and active community. if you would like to make banners, please do. please post them under a cut and i will add them here.


Allrighttyy! it seems about time that we start rewarding you kiddos, and giving you some recognition. So, i (lisa) have decided to make a point-system, because i am home from school today. So this is how it goes:
a) you do the things that give you points
b) in the subject bar you very honestly tell us how many points you earn for this entry
c) at the end of the month us loverly mod's figure out who has the most points
d) we post your picture in the user-info of this community, shouting out to the world that you are THE MEMBER OF THE FRIGGIN' MONTH!!!!
e) you (the member of the friggin' month) get tearfully happy and shout out to the world how amazing cute_in_pearls is.


5 pts-you are awarded 5 points for every entry you post with pictures, but please dont cheat by posting a ton of entrys with only 1 picture each. If you do this, we will only give you 2 points. im sorry.
10 pts-thou shall be awarded 10 points for every link to a promotion that you do for a community.
20 pts-thou shall be awarded 20 points for every accepted//rejected banner you create for the community.
30 pts- ye shall recieve 30 points for every promotion banner you create.

((*note- if you have any questions//concerns//suggestions please let us know!*))
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