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Stamped//Picture Story

Since this community is pretty much dead, I thought Id tell you about my weekend, through a picture story!

On , after ,  (my friend kristen and I) went to a  game at Curley high school.  My friend  (joe) goes there and is on the team.  We got my friends  to take us.  She has a .  We kept blaring rap music and  dancing.  When we past by  in their s we winked at them. 

We got there and saw this girl who goes to our , so we sat on the other side of the bleachers which was for the other team.  Oops. 
I didnt know 's jersey , so we spent a long time trying to figure that out.  After we figured out that he was , we held up signs that we had made for him.  They said  (he was supposed to be named Stanislaus so I call him Slaussy), , and .  There was also girls track practice going on and we yelled  at them. haha.  On the other team there was this crazy insane passionate player, who we affectionatley called , who was jumping and  everyone on his team.  He was cool. So the game ended, and Curley, My friends team won.  Even though he sat on the  the entire game.  We showed our support. haha It was a lot of fun.  Then we went over to the  and held up our  again. Then my friends  took me

On , I went to a  with my dad. he was the .  I helped and he paid me .  SCORE!  I always help him.  The church was pretty.  It looked like this:  .  Then I came home and took a nap, which lasted until Sunday morning.
On , I went to  with my mom.  And then I had  practice.  After that my mom and I went to a bunch of different stores.  I got  at .
We went to  and i bought a bunch of random stuff like  and .  Then I came and read .

haha whoa. i was bored.
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haha me too. glad i could amuse you <3
that was amazing haha

::blushes:: thanks love

Deleted comment

i try.

btw i love your glowing underwear. haha
i <3 it
thanks dear
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