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the basics -
1) name:
Jaclyn or Jackie
2) where you live: Baltimore, City MD
3) age: 15
4) how did you find us?: interest search
5) taken or single?:single

favorites -
1) candy:
this is hard. i used to work at a candy store. .... Sour Peaches?
2) drink: Water, OJ
3) 5 songs-why?:
1- Cigarette- Graham Colton Band ( its so active and i think its one of graham coltons best vocal songs. also i love the comparison between physical addiction and addiction to a person.)
2- Bad Habits- Michael Tolcher (his voice is sexy in this song, and i lvoe the subject matter)
3- Help Me- Gavin DeGraw (its my favorite unreleased song of his)
4- Whoop there it it- Tag Team (well, because its awesome!)
5- Sunday Morning- Maroon 5 (cause i want life to be easy as sunday morning.)
4) singer/band-why?: Gavin DeGraw- hes an amazing concert personality and genuinely a nice guy to everyone.  He introduces himself, which i think is very humble because of course his fans know who he is. &  he actually write his own songs, and they're good.
5) subject in school-why?: Biology-. I love science.
7) 5 movies-why?:
1- The Avaitor- i loved it. it didnt feel like it was about a real person, and yet. it was.
2- Marvins Room- i love leonardo in his younger days. hes so talented
3- The Patriot- i just love it.
4- Miracle- shows how the little guy can take it all
5- The Lion King- its a classic!
8) 5 books-why?:
1- A Child called "it"- Tracks the childhood of David Pelzer through the abuse of his mother.  I read it all in one sitting. It was written by David Pelzer and really allowed you to feel his pain.  I cried so much when reading this.
2- "The Lost Boy"- The Sequel to A Child Called It.  Im getting ready to read the third book of the trilogy.
3- "The SIsterhood of the Traveling Pants"- I had to read this for school, and i loved how it tracked the summerlife of 4 best friends who were completely different.  It shows that steryotypes are  nothing.
4- "Dreadful Sorry"- This was my first favorite book
5- " 100 Strokes of the Brush before Bed"-I strongly reccomend this.  Its amazing.  Its written by a teenage girl and records all of her sexual experiences and really shows the difficulties some girls have feeling as though sex can fill the void, when really only love can. 
9) color: Green

least favorite-
1) candy-
sugarfree candy. sick.
2) food- spaghetti
3) beverage- diet coke.
4) person- i dont have a least favorite haha
5) accessory- those fake hair scrunchies. ugh.
6) 2 movies - the btterfy effect, glitter haha
7) 2 books - enemy woman, the old man and the sea
8) 2 songs- beautiful soul (its played out), candy shop (ditto)
9) 2 artists- ashlee simpson, jesse mccartney

1) list 10+ favorite bands/singer: Gavin DeGraw, Michael Tolcher, Graham Colton Band, The Beatles, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Ben Kweller, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder
2) are you a virgin?: yes
3) if you have a significant other, please tell us about him/her-post picture if you have any.: im single
4) where do you like to shop?: Target, Walmart (bargains rock), Ross, Marshalls
5) whats your favorite accessory?: pearls... , chandellier earings
6) what are your school colors?: red and white
7) how many concerts have you been to? 4.
8) who have you seen in concert? Gavin DeGraw, Michael  Tolcher, Jem, Peppers Ghost
9) do you own any pearls, or pearled items? yes
10) why do you think your a pearl girl? of course
11) how many days a week do you wear pearls?  like 3? depends on what i wear.
12) what made you want to post an app to this community?  my other rating communties sucked, so i came in search of one that didnt and came upon this one.

1) what do you think about Simple plan?
I think they suck.
2) What do you think about people who TYpE LykE DiS ? its annoying, but im not going to get frusterated over it.
3) Whats your opinions towards gay & lesbians?  Love who you want to love, but I think you should be respectful of other people.  Some are uncomfortable around gays, so dont flaunt it.  Its gross when straight people do it too, not just gays. 
4) what do you think of the MODs? theyre gorgeous. absolutley gorgeous. 
5) Do you like Bush or Kerry? Explain why & why not : Bush.  Kerry wasnt fit to be president.  He didnt know what he wanted, and just tried to please everyone.  Although Bush has made some bad decisions, hes always done what he thought was best for the country, and has stuck by those decisions in order to give our soldiers hope.  If he were to give up, then the whole country will have no faith.  Hes only human, and hes trying as hard as he can to kee all Americans Safe.
6) what do you think about abortions & womens rights?: Im pro-choice.  I think the woman should have the decision as to what happens to her body.  The "child" is not a life until it can live, eat, and breathe, on its own, so abortion is not murder, in my opinion.  I would personally never get an abortion because I think its my responsiblity to raise the life that I helped to create, but I want the freedom to be able to make that decision.
7) what do you think about the war?: It was started with good intentions, and although we are no longer fighting for those reasons, we are still fighting for a cause.  If we dont support the war, then we dont support our soldiers.  If we sont support our soldiers than what hope do they have?  None.
8) what do you think of mayonaise? Pretty much kick-ass
9) what do you think of cultural assimilation? Please excuse the spelling. If you dont know what that is, guess what it means & tell us an interesting story involving your deffinition of the word.  I think its bound to ahppen in a world that is so close now that our neighbors are of a completely different culture than ours.  It makes us all more intelligent to be exposed to numerous different cultures than our own.  As cultures blend together, we become closer together as a world.

draw us a picture-photoshop, paint, paper & pencil
i dont have a scanner so i drew a picture on paint.
its pretty bad, i have a better one at home.  ill ppost it in a comment when i get home.
hahahaah! thats so bad! (its supposed to be arthur btw hahaha. i really cant draw.)

promote at least twice, and give us the links here!!!

please post at least 4 pictures of yourself including at least 1 showing your clothing.
Make sure your face is clearly visable!!!



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